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Northern Electric and Western Electric published an extensive card catalog covering practically every component part required to build the telephone network.  Like BSPs, individual cards were periodically added, revised or deleted, so no collection is likely to be comprehensive. This collection, contributed by Ken Lyons, is a PDF version of a catalog set that was produced by Northern Electric.

The Main Index link takes you to a "Table of Contents" and alphabetized index of keywords that allows you to find a specific catalog card.  Each card has a "Back to Index" button that returns you to the Main Index.  From each specific topic area, simply scroll down to see the supporting cards.  They are sorted in numeric order.  You can also do a text search (Control-F) within the topic page for keywords of interest.

    Main Index - Northern Electric Catalog Cards

The index opens in a new window.  Simply close it to return here.

To see some cards from Western Electric, browse to the Western Electric Card Catalog category or search for "Western Electric Card Catalog" or "Weco Cc"

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