Folder 660 - 984 Vehicles, Supplies, Gen'l


Test Center Operation, Plant Assignment, Motor Vehicles, Supplies, Business Information Systems, Buildings, Engineering Planning, Equipment Engineering Administration, Common Language, Equipment Design, Transmission Engineering and Data, Outside Plant Engineering, Radio Engineering and General Descriptive Information.


Folder 760 Division - Building Engineering

Buildings, Building Engineering

Folder 800 Division - Equipment Design & Requirements

Cross Reference Lists, Administrative Information, General Equipment Requirements for Installation and Manufacturing, and General Performance Requirements

Folder 801 Division - Common Systems

Equipment Design and General Equipment Requirements and Engineering Information - Common Systems

Folder 852 Division - (500-series Performance)

Exchange Area and Operator Services Transmission

Folder 876 Division - Protection Practices

Station and Customer Premises Equipment Electrical Protection

Folder 955 Division - Step-byStep & Community Dial

Step-by-Step and Community Dial Offices

Folder 981 Division - Equip on Customers' Premises

Equipment on Customers' Premises (Special Services and Private Branch Exchanges)

Folder 982 Division - Private Service Systems

Private Service Systems - General Descriptive Information

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