Details for Station Installation & Repair Manual - Bell Canada Dec72 Ocr R [LARGE FILE]

Station Installation & Repair Manual - Bell Canada Dec72 Ocr R [LARGE FILE]
Name:Station Installation & Repair Manual - Bell Canada Dec72 Ocr R [LARGE FILE]

December 1972.  Note the CA suffix on the CANADIAN versions of the BSPs.  I&R Handbook.  OCR / Size reduction by Clint Gilliland.  BSPs have also been extracted into individual files.  Original scan has been archived.

Table of Contents (TOC)

010-100-010CA First Aid and Prevention of Skin Irritation From Poles and Wood Products Treated With Creosote and Pentachlorophenol
010-100-012CA First Aid - Rescue of Employee From Pole
010-100-013CA First Aid - Rescue of Person From Live Wire on Ground
010-100-910CA Prevention of Skin Irritation From Poison Ivy - Kerodex 71 Barrier Cream
075-160-301CA Screwdrivers - Selection, Use and Maintenance
080-120-101CA Grounding Portable Electric Power Tools
080-720-101CA Attachments, Fasteners, and Methods for Running Inside Wire and Cable
081-020-010CA Z Protective Cap
081-020-934CA NE714QA Tool
081-710-200CA Insulating Gloves - Description, Care, and Maintenance
081-720-011CA Body Belts (Leather)
081-721-200CA Fabric Safety Straps
081-721-300CA C Body Belts - Inspection and Maintenance
081-730-101CA Climbers
081-740-105CA Extension Ladders and Attachments - Description and Use
106-220-925CA Z Voltage Tester
460-100-400CA Station Protection and Grounding
460-110-100CA Special Safeguard Measures (SSM) and Special Service Protection (SSP)
461-200-200CA Selection of Route For Station Wire and Cable
461-200-203CA Handling Wire and Cable
461-630-100CA Jacks and Plugs
462-200-200CA Drop and Block Wiring - Splicing
462-240-200CA Drop and Block Wiring - Drops From Open and Rural Wire Lines
462-300-200CA Drop and Block Wiring - Pole and Guard Arm Attachments
462-300-205CA Drop and Block Wiring - Strand Attachments
462-350-213CA Drop and Block Wiring - Fastening and Equipping First Attachments of Drop Wire Runs to Building
462-350-214CA Drop and Block Wiring - Fastening and Equipping Intermediate and Last Attachments of Drop and Block Wire Runs on Buildings
462-400-205CA Drop and Block Wiring - Placing Drop Wire - Voltages Less Than 300 Involved
462-400-206CA Drop and Block Wiring - Placing Drop Wire - Voltages of 300 to 750 Involved
462-400-211CA Drop and Block Wiring - Pole-To-Building and Pole-To-Pole Runs
462-450-205CA Drop and Block Wiring - Separation and Mechanical Protection
462-460-200CA Drop and Block Wiring - Placing Wire and Cable for Autotrailers
462-500-011CA Drop and Block Wiring - Multiple Drop Wire - Stringing Sags
462-500-100CA Drop and Block Wiring - Multiple Drop Wire - Description
462-500-200CA Drop and Block Wiring - Multiple Drop Wire - Placing
462-500-900CA Drop and Block Wiring - X Multiple Drop Wire
462-800-311CA Drop and Block Wiring - Lowering and Replacing Drop Wire - Voltages Less Than 300 Involved
462-800-312CA Drop and Block Wiring - Lowering and Replacing Drop Wire - Voltages of 300 to 750 Involved
462-800-500CA Drop and Block Wiring - Testing and Fault Locating
463-110-200CA Auxiliary Signals - Installation and Maintenance
463-110-400CA Auxiliary Signals - Connections
463-233-900CA Voice Station Couplers - QCS Type - Description, Installation, Maintenance & Tests
469-050-902CA Customer Relations - Installers and Repairman
469-050-950CA Plant Department Sales - Methods and Handling
469-052-930CA Inspections on Station Visits - Installers and Repairmen
500-112-100CA Inductive Noise
500-116-400CA Ringer Connections - Tip-Party Identification for Stations Connected to Long-Line Equipment
500-120-100CA Telephone Apparatus - Colour
500-810-900CA Handling, Packing and Returning - Station Supplies
501-162-101 9-Type Station Dials - Identification and Maintenance
501-162-900CA Station Dials - QDB-Type - Identification and Maintenance
501-164-105CA Station Dials - 25-Type - Identification and Maintenance
501-164-115CA Station Dials - 35-Type - Identification and Maintenance
501-252-100CA QCY1A1 Bell Chime
501-375-100CA Ringer Isolator (PO895087 Kit of Parts) - Identification
502-210-400CA Subscriber Sets - Extension Ringer - Connections
502-321-910CA Telephone Set - QSK100AX and QSK2100AX Contempra
502-321-911CA Contempra - Message Waiting - QSK 100 BX
502-400-401CA Telephone Sets - 302, G, Common Battery - Connections
502-510-100CA Telephone Sets - 500 and 554 Types - Identification, Installation and Maintenance
502-510-121CA Telephone Sets - 1500 (M.D.), 1554 (M.D.), 2500 & 2554 - Identification, Installation, and Maintenance
502-510-401CA Telephone Sets - 500C, D - Connections
502-510-410CA Telephone Sets - 554B - Common Battery - Connections
502-510-450CA Telephone Sets - 1500D, 2500D, 1554B and 2554B - Connections
502-515-121CA Telephone Sets - 1511 DQA (M.D.), 2511 DQA Types - Identification, Installation, and Maintenance
502-515-400CA Telephone Sets - 502, 510, and 511 Types - Common Battery - Connections
502-520-402CA Telephone Sets - 532B, (Amplifier Sets for Impaired Hearing) - Common Battery - Connections
502-710-101CA Telephone Sets - 701, 702, and 711 Types - Identification, Installation, and Maintenance
502-710-400CA Telephone Sets - 701B - Connections
502-710-401CA Telephone Sets - 701D - Connections
502-710-403CA Telephone Set 702BQ1A - Connections
502-710-410 Telephone Sets - 711B - Connections
620-105-010CA Observations and Tests To Be Made Before Working at Joint Use Poles
620-131-010CA Precautions To Be Taken Before Climbing Poles or Working From Strand- Or Pole-Supported Equipment
620-132-010CA Safeguards To Be Taken Before Climbing Poles - Testing Poles
620-133-010CA Safeguards To Be Taken Before Climbing Poles - Temporary Supports
620-210-011CA Clearances and Separations for Aerial Communication Plant
620-215-011CA Joint Use Clearances in the Span and Separations at the Pole
620-220-011CA General Separations for Drop and Block Wiring
629-760-201CA Buried Plant - Joining Underground and Buried Wire - Kit Encapsulation Wire Buried Z
631-240-206CA MD3209 and MD3208 Cable Terminal - Terminating Conductors
631-600-100CA QTC Type Terminals - Service Wire & Terminal Block - Installation & Termination
631-620-912CA 4086 JWI Cabinet - Placing and Removing Jumper Wires
642-220-201CA Dedicated Plant - Wiring and Connecting Arrangements - Pole and Wall Mounted Cabinets for Control and Access Points
642-235-202CA Dedicated Plant - Buried Cable - Control and Access Points - Wiring Arrangements
720-100-901CA Vehicle Operators Driving Instructions and Precautions - Specific Cases Requiring Special Care - Parking Instructions - Skidding

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