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Bruce Crawford Library ( 1214 Files )

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The Bruce Crawford Memorial Switching Documentation Library

Bruce Crawford

Bruce Crawford - Founder of Switchers' Quarterly

Wiring Diagrams & Technical Library

Wiring Diagrams & Technical Library ( 758 Files )

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by Manufacturer and Model

Hint: Also check BSPs, GSPs and technical bulletins for wiring options and detailed technical information. Search for the phone model and "wiring" or "schematic." (e.g. North 5H6 wiring)

This is a library of basic schematics, wiring diagrams and other information that can be useful to anyone interested in restoring or repairing vintage telephone equipment. Generally, the information in the Library is limited to equipment that was made prior to 1980.

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Click here for the most important German telephone schematics (W28, W36, W38, W48, W58, W63a).

AE Technical Bulletins

AE Technical Bulletins ( 27 Files )

For Telephone Sets and other Customer Equipment.  Go to the Bruce Crawford Library for Bulletins dealing with Switching, Signaling, and Test Equipment.
ITT Practices

ITT Practices ( 12 Files )

Technical Practices from ITT, Kellogg and Cortelco

C*NET documents

C*NET documents ( 2 Files )

Documents relating to C*NET - The VOIP-based Collectors' Network.

Document Archive

Document Archive ( 138 Files )

Original scans of documents that have smaller and/or OCRed copies in the main library.  Most were scanned as images, so are not text searchable.

Recent Contributors

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