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Q: Why are search results sometimes arranged in a seemingly random order for Basic or Advanced Searches?

A: The search order you see is probably "Newest First" or "Most popular."  Check the "Ordering:" box on the results page.  Try selecting "Alphabetical" and click on Search to re-sort.

  HINT:  Starting Basic Search from the Menu bar (Search / Basic Search) sets the ordering to Alphabetical.


Q: When I click on the result of a Google Search, the file I get doesn't seem to relate to my search.  Why did I get this file?

A: Google searches work by matching keywords anywhere within a target file.  The match may be later on the page or file.  Try using a Control-F search within the file for your target text string or primary keyword.  If the source file is relatively low resolution, the Google search may have trouble recognizing letters and numbers, so erroneous matches may be returned.

If the found document was not OCRed, a Control-F search will not find anything.  You'll just have to page through the document and search the old-fashioned way.

Unfortunately, the Google Search results do not return the title of the TCI Library document.  Often the clickable link will be something cryptic like "View" or "Download."  If the text below the link looks interesting, click on the link and see what was found!


Q: I used copy-and-paste to move keywords into a search box and no results were returned from my search.  I know there are files in the Library that should have been found.  Why were there no matches?

A: This can happen when using copy-and-paste to move text from an html email to the search box. In some cases strange characters may have been caught in your copy opertion. If the characters are not visible, you won't know they're there! If a search returns 0 results, try typing in the search string and restart the search.

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