Details for 1955 WE Catalog - Telephone Cable And Wire

1955 WE Catalog - Telephone Cable And Wire
Name:1955 WE Catalog - Telephone Cable And Wire

T-2601C.  Lead Covered Cable, Multiple Sheath Cable, Switchboard Cable and Wire.

Keywords:  Paper; pulp; Alpeth; Stalpeth; gauge; type NH; type ENB; type ENBC; pairs; resistance; conductance; capacitance; attenuation; stranding; conductors; insulation; dielectric; exchange; plant; subscriber; core; colors; trunk; toll; quad; cotton; textile; AFA; NFA; BUA; OUA; tape; jute; gopher; submarine; armored; plastic; CL; acetate; enameled; extruded; 750A; 1450CL
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