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Contributed by Jeff Lamb.

BSP (AT&T) : 501-162-101 i5 Dec 67 (1967) Type 9 Pulse Dial Page 1169
NTP : 501-1631-500 i1 Dec 75  (1975) Type QDB1 Pulse Dial Page 1175
BSP (Bell Canada) : 501-164-105CA iA Jul 66 (1966) Type 25 Touch Tone Dial - Page 1181
BSP (Bell Canada) : 501-164-115CA iC Jul 70 (1970) Type 35 Touch Tone Dial - Page 1189
NTP: 501-1641-115 i1 Feb 74 (1974) Type NE-35Q Digitone Dial Page 1205
NTP: 501-1681-200 i1 Jul 79 (1979) Type 35Q & QDC3 Digipulse Dials Page 1225

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