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pdf Switchboard Lamp Cap Display Photos Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.83 MB)


Switchboard Lamp Cap Display Photos
Photos of a switchboard lamp cap display under various lighting conditions, shows many colors and symbols used.  For catalog information search for "lamp caps"  Contributed by Steph Kerman.

pdf Terminology-A Tl Popular

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Download (pdf, 5.01 MB)


pdf Toll-Systems-(by-WECo) Tl Popular

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Download (pdf, 3.62 MB)


pdf Trunk And Facilities Maintenance System Tl Popular

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Download (pdf, 639 KB)


pdf WECo L5 Carrier Tl Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.88 MB)

WECo L5 Carrier_tl.pdf

pdf WECo News - July 24, 1915 Memorial Popular

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Download (pdf, 512 KB)

WECo News - July 24, 1915 Memorial.pdf

pdf WECo SCOTS Tl Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.99 MB)


pdf Western Electric 1317 Wood Wall Magneto Telephone - Care and Operation Tl Popular

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Download (pdf, 2.85 MB)


Western Electric 1317 Wood Wall Magneto Telephone - Care and Operation Tl

Instruction Bulletin 301, P-244239, Information on the Care and Operation of No. 1317 Telephone Sets, undated.  25 pages covering assembly, installation (incoming line and ground connections but no internal circuit diagram), adjustment, testing, troubleshooting and parts.   Search for "magneto 317" for several wiring diagrams.

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