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pdf 17feb New England Tel Tel Organization Chart Popular

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pdf 60spring NYTel Number Format Change Popular

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60spring NYTel Number Format Change
Contributed by Steve Cichorsky.

pdf 65jul WE News Features p16 Kiss proofing for Phones PF tci

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Contributed by Paul Fassbender.

pdf AM TR CSO 000088 Section F Std Jacks 030910 Tl Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.31 MB)


pdf AT&T Workers: Drugged, Bugged and Coming Unplugged - Mother Jones 1981 Popular

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Download (pdf, 9.35 MB)


AT&T Workers: Drugged, Bugged and Coming Unplugged - Mother Jones 1981
August 1981.  Contributed by Steve Cichorsky.

pdf Bell-Telephone-Planner Tl Popular

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pdf Faceplate Mat Scans, Keysets Popular

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pdf Form M1021 - Key System Worksheet, 4-67 Popular

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Form M1021 - Key System Worksheet, 4-67

Sample filled-in form used to document keyset characteristics.  Used to plan an installation, and as a reference for installers and repair techs.  Sets were identified with letters and numbers.  Letters on clear plastic number card windows (Form E-2959) are covered in BSP C37.321, I5, section 2.27.  Apparently there were "forms" from -A to -Z (except -I) with the corresponding letter on the disk.

"At multi-station key telephone set installations, as in the 1A and 1A1 Key Telephone Systems or in 750A or 755A P.B.X. systems, etc., substitute these windows in the station number card holders for the regular windows ... to designate stations A, B, C, etc., in accordance with the work sheet data furnished with the service order.  Also refer to these letter designations when reporting station visits for either installation or maintenance reasons."

Scan is poor quality, as the original was a vintage photocopied form.  Contributed by Jeremy Walters

pdf INTER-PHONES-1918-WE-CAT Tl Popular

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Extract from the 1918 Western Electric Electrical Supply Year Book covering Interphones.

pdf IW Cable Tl Popular

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pdf LTT 5-58.05.1 I1 Portable Telephone Kit for Remote Radio Broadcasts Popular

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LTT 5-58.05.1 I1 Portable Telephone Kit for Remote Radio Broadcasts
Jan 72. Kit includes WE 712B Princess and Type 30A Voice Coupler.  (Steve C.)

pdf MM 67-2623-2 Popular

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MM 67-2623-2.pdf

MM 67-2623-2

Bell Labs Technical Memorandum 67-2623-2
Active RC-Tantalum Integrated Circuit Filter Design for High Performance
SPecifications - Part 1, 2/1/1967

pdf MM 67-2655-11 Popular

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Download (pdf, 760 KB)

MM 67-2655-11.pdf

MM 67-2655-11

Bell Labs Technical Memorandum 67-2655-11
An Electromechanical Filter Below 500 Hz, 5/3/1967

pdf MM 67-4734-7 Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.95 MB)

MM 67-4734-7.pdf

MM 67-4734-7

Bell Labs Technical Memorandum 67-4734-7
An Introduction to the Available Computer Programs and Other Design Aids
for the Design of Filters, Equalizers and Other Networks, 5/15/1967

pdf MM 67-5311-18 Popular

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Download (pdf, 877 KB)

MM 67-5311-18.pdf

MM 67-5311-18

Bell Labs Technical Memorandum 67-5311-18
Notes on the Design of Cosine Roll-Off Filters, 8/29/1967

pdf MM 67-5316-1 Popular

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Download (pdf, 7.12 MB)

MM 67-5316-1.pdf

MM 67-5316-1

Bell Labs Technical Memorandum 67-5316-1
Active RC Filter Building Blocks Using Frequency Emphasizing Networks -
Part 1, 1/3/1967

pdf MM 67-5316-3 Popular

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Download (pdf, 2.58 MB)

MM 67-5316-3.pdf

MM 67-5316-3

Bell Labs Technical Memorandum MM 67-5316-3
Realization of FEN RC Input Networks, 5/15/1967

pdf MM 67-5316-6 Popular

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Download (pdf, 6.11 MB)

MM 67-5316-6.pdf

MM 67-5316-6

Bell Labs Technical Memorandum MM 67-5316-6
Design of a Modified Raised Cosine Filter Using Hybrid Integrated Filter
Sections, 9/14/1967

pdf MM 67-6323-6 Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.43 MB)

MM 67-6323-6.pdf

MM 67-6323-6

Bell Labs Technical Memorandum MM 67-6323-6
Design Considerations for 50 db Bandpass Filter, 4/4/1967

pdf PT&T 1967 Pocket Service Guide Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.33 MB)

PTandT 1967 Pocket Service Guide.pdf

PT&T 1967 Pocket Service Guide

PT&T 1967 Pocket Service Guide

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