000 - 019 Indexes, General Information (by Doc #)



000 Division - General Info and Numeric Index

000 Division - General Info and Numeric Index ( 47 Files )

General Information and Master Numerical Index of All Divisions

001-004 Division - Company Issued Practices

001-004 Division - Company Issued Practices ( 44 Files )

Reserved for Company-Issued Administrative Practices.   The Number Assignments are to be Made Locally
005 Division - Abbreviations, Definitions,...

005 Division - Abbreviations, Definitions,... ( 46 Files )

Abbreviations, Definitions, Drawings, Requirement Tables, Specifications, Symbols, and Common Language

010 Division - General Methods

010 Division - General Methods ( 101 Files )

General Methods - Direct Distance Dialing, First Aid, Fire Fighting, Safety Precautions, Rescue, Restrictions of Plant Activities, Radiation, Records and Reports, Engineering Complaint Procedures, Intercompany Services Coordination (ISC) Plan

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