Details for PSCM - 325-757 i3 Jul80 Public Service Crafts Manual TOC

PSCM - 325-757 i3 Jul80 Public Service Crafts Manual TOC
Name:PSCM - 325-757 i3 Jul80 Public Service Crafts Manual TOC

Table of Contents from the Public Services Crafts' Manual for Station, Networks and Testboard, Issue 3, July 1980. PSCM Handbook. Practices are available in the full handbook or as individual files.  Extracted by Sam Etler.

Table of Contents (TOC)

0-1 Introduction [Public Services Crafts' Manual for Station, Network, and Testboard]
1-1 1C/2C-Type Coin Telephone Set - Detailed Description
1-2 Color Functional Schematics - 1A/2A/1C/2C-Type Coin Telephone Sets
1-3 1D/2D-Type Coing Telephone Set - Detailed Description
1-4 1E-Type Coin Telephone Set - Detailed Description - Postpay Service - Theory of Operation
1-5 Components and Color Selection
1-6 KS-21250, List 1 (MD) and List 2 Coin Crafts Test Sets
1-7 Coin Station Test Line Circuit
1-8 Operating Instrcutions - 177A Test Set
1-9 Range Charts and Coin Relay Operate Values
1-10 Protection
1-11 Dial-Tone-First Factors for the Coin Station
2-1 Central Office Coin Service - General
2-2 Dial-Tone-First Factors (DTF) for the Central Office
2-3 DTF Circuit Modifications
2-4 Central Office Battery Polarity for Dial-Tone-First (DTF) Service
2-5 Trouble Analysis Chart for Coin Station Test Line
2-6 Coin Supervisory Test Sets
3-1 Foreign Electromotive Force (FEMF) Test
3-2 Loop and Ground Resistance Tests
3-3 Coin Relay Current Flow Test
3-4 Totalizer Current Flow Test
3-5 Miscellaneous Tests
4-1 The Coin Station Totalizer - A Trouble Indicator
4-2 Block Diagram of ACTS
4-3 Circuit Modifications

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