Details for PSSM 325-759 V1 i7 Jul80 Public Services Station Manual TOC

PSSM 325-759 V1 i7 Jul80 Public Services Station Manual TOC
Name:PSSM 325-759 V1 i7 Jul80 Public Services Station Manual TOC

Table of contents from Public Services Station Manual - 325-759, V1, Issue 7, July 1980.  The BSPs in this list are available in the complete handbook or in individual files.  Extracted by Sam Etler.

Table of Contents (TOC)

105-250-100 KS-21250, L2 Coin Crafts' Test Set
506-100-100 Public Services Station Bonding and Grounding
506-100-101 Coin Telephone Stations - Backboards
506-100-103 Coin Telephone Stations - Tools, Gauges, and Materials
506-100-105 Coin Level Detector - Identification, Installation, Connections, Operation, and Maintenance - Coin Telephone Stations
506-100-108 Manual Extension Station Service on Semi-Public Coin Lines Connected to Coin Telephone Sets
506-100-110 Coin Telephone Stations - Coin Hopper Vane Replacement
506-100-130 Coin Test Line Circuit
506-101-400 Service - Security Devices
506-410-400 1A/2A, 1C/2C, and 1E Types - Coin Telephone Sets
506-410-401 1D/2D-Type Coin Telephone Sets (DTF Only) - Identification
506-410-402 1D/2D Type Coin Telephone Sets (DTF Only) - Installation, Conversion, Maintenance, and Connections - Task Oriented Practice (TOP)
506-500-100 10A and 20A Coinless Telephone Set and KS-22284 Backboard - Identification, Installation, Tests, Maintenance, and Connections

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